Tedd Wood Cabinetry

On Tuesday August 13, 2019 I went to the Tedd Wood Cabinetry plant in Miffilintown, PA. I attended a training class and a plant tour. Tedd Wood is a family run company who makes a very good quality semi-custom and custom product. They offer a framed cabinet line called Landmark, a frameless line called Luxury and Tedd Wood Full Custom. All three products are built on the same production line and as you will see from the pictures a lot of the work is completed by hand.

Tedd Wood is a company that really cares about their product and dealers. They invest time and money into training their dealers. When I was there, Tedd Wood took us dealers out for dinner at a very nice restaurant and put us up in a upscale hotel for Monday night. That night I had the pleasure to sit next to Ted who started it all and all the dealers had dinner together. It was truly a great experience and I wanted to thank Ted and Matt for everything they did for us. I wish other manufactuers would follow in their foot steps. They Truly Care!!

Below are pictures of the Tedd Wood Cabinetry plant that is 80,000 sqft. They employ many people and work a day and night shift.

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