We perform Big & Small Jobs through DE Services, LLC who is our parent company.
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Even though we do offer Full Renovations & Remodeling Projects such as:

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Whole House Remodeling

We actually prefer the Small Jobs and offer Half & Full Day Rates... It is not un common for us to perform several projects per day for one customer. We encourage home owners to make a "Honey do List" and we can help prioritize the list to get the most out of your half or full day rate.
Having us perform the small jobs that are a thorn in your side, will free up your time, the work will be done, and  you will not have that annoyed feeling ever time you walk past that damaged sheetrock......

Some examples of work we can do, but are not limited to:

Hanging pictures, shelves and other items.

Tiling & Grouting repairs and new installations

Installation of windows and doors

Installation of Millwork (Molding for doors, windows, crown, base & wainscoting

Sheetrock & Spackle repairs

Interior Painting

Cabinet repairs, adjusting hinges & doors

Change or Install door knobs & locks

We offer so many additional services. Send us an email and  "Just Ask"


Do you have your "Honey do List" ready?

Contacts us today to have it completed.